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On-Board Diagnostics

Our state of the art Diagnostic scanning equipment is capable of communicating with most modern vehicles' onboard computer systems. Modern vehicles store faults in their on-board computers when there are issues with how the vehicle's systems are performing, be it the engine, gearbox, SRS/Airbags, Electronic power steering, heating or any other electronically operated components. For peace of mind, when a warning light or error message is displayed on your dashboard, or you suspect something is wrong, have it booked in as soon as possible for a diagnosis, so that you can continue to drive with confidence.

On Board Vechical Diagnostics On Board Vechical Diagnostics

We can also calibrate components and vehicle settings when required. A typical example of this would be the re-centralisation of the VAG steering sensor after the vehicle has had steering parts replaced or wheel alignment carried out.


Our battery conductance and electrical system analyser is capable of carrying out a full battery condition test, starter motor test, and a vehicle charging system test, in one operation. Once the testing is complete, you will be given a detailed printout, with any faults highlighted and showing the condition of the systems tested. This can all be carried out for �20, and can be done while you wait.

Battery Tester

Price List:
Fault code diagnosis: �45
Fault code Clear: �45 (or free with diagnosis)
Calibration: From �45
Battery conductance and starting/charging analysis: �20 (or free of charge with a service).